Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Only Love

"It's Only Love/Bring on the Night"
by Dusty Hughes
from Metropolis (1989)

Who does she belong to?
Is she on her own?
Someone who's that wonderful
Must belong to someone.
Should I take a chance?
Can she be the one I've waited for so long?
Is this really happening to me?
The feelings are so strong ...

If it's only love,
Shouldn't be enough to break my heart.
If it's only love, it's only love.

Feelings from the heart
Do not come easy for me.
I have not had many lovers in my life,
Mostly that was my own choice.
Out of nowhere now she comes into my life
And I know so fast she has to be part
Of my life.

If it's only love,
Shouldn't be enough to break my heart.
If it's only love, it's only love.
It's only love ...

Bring on the night -
I can take the darkness.
I'm not empty inside.
I don't lie awake long.
And I know that in this life
The strong are the winners,
So if I'm alone
I'm not on my own ...
I have the night.

Everyone hurts.
Everyone is lonely.
So I'm like all the rest,
Everybody has pain.
And if once in a while
I catch myself crying,
If I'm a little sad
Perhaps it's not so bad ...
It's part of the game.

In the cold and lonely night,
I can still be strong.
I can make it on my own.
No one really needs to love -
Not everyone needs love.
If you've love inside
You don't have to share it to survive
And I will survive...

Even though it's hurting
Though I'm asking too much
And aiming too high.
If tonight I find
I need someone badly,
I will hide the pain.
Here it comes again ...
Bring on the night.

A small Entertainment news item appeared yesterday ... composer Joseph Brooks took his own life in his Manhattan home on Sunday.  Joe Brooks wrote the pop hit and most popular single of the 1970's "You Light Up My Life," made famous by Debby Boone.  His music was also the material for a critically-ravaged Broadway musical bomb called In My Life.  Unfortunately, his life in general was not award-winning - at the time of his death, he was facing multiple charges of rape and sexual assault and his son was recently charged with the death of an ex-girlfriend.

His most notable work, for me, is the 1989 West End musical, Metropolis.  Based on the famous 1927 silent film directed by Fritz Lang, it tells the not-so-far-in-the-future dystopian story of the mega-city of Metropolis built over huge machines that power it.  The elite classes live a life of ease in the sun on the surface, dwelling in luxurious skyscrapers, while the lower classes toil endlessly on the machines providing the city its power.  A worker, Maria, escapes to the surfae with a group of children in an effort to educate them and, while there, runs into Steven, the son of the city's designer and builder.  This song is from the middle of the first act, just after the two meet.  It is a beautiful duet, particularly when the two songs merge.

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