Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pretty Lies

by Boy George
from Taboo  (2003)

I can never get this muck from round my eyes,
Don't know why I bother sometimes ...
Painting my face up for the kill.

A little bit of glitter goes a long, long way,
But if you never see my face ...
How will you know if what you feel is real?

I've been trying to be something I'll never be
But I'm nothing special, there's no mystery ...

I've been hiding from the world, and from myself
Wanting love so desperately,
Oh, so desperately ...

If you see all the hurt in my eyes,
Will you laugh, will you run, will you carry me?
If I tell you that I'm weak and I'm scared,
Will that seem absurd?

I'm the loneliest boy in the world.

I'm the loneliest boy
In the world ...

The 2003 musical flop Taboo told the story of the life and career of Boy George (with significant artistic license).  Although Boy George did appear in the musical, the CHARACTER of George was played by a marvelous performer with an extraordinarily beautiful voice, Euan Morton.  It's difficult for me to listen to this song without getting a few chills and a few tears ... and, again, I find a strong personal connection with the lyrics.

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